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Longyear Drill Site. E.J. Longyear's historic first diamond drill site on the famed Mesabi Iron Range, established in 1890, is located about three miles north of Hoyt Lakes on County Road 110.

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[3] In 1911, the Longyear and Hodge partnership merged with Longyear's separate contract drilling company to E.J. Longyear ("Longyear") Company. The Company's first price list in 1912 featured 19 drill models with drilling capabilities between 750 – 5,000 feet.

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On June 3rd, 1890, E.J. Longyear at this site completed to a depth of 1293 ft., the first diamond drill test hole for iron ore in the state of Minnesota Dedicated to the memory of Dorthea and Richard P. Longyear

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The company was purchased in 1974 by Boart International and is now known as Boart Longyear. The picture of the Marquette plant was taken on July 13, 1929. From the Minnesota Historical Society "Edmund J. Longyear was born in Grass Lake, Michigan, November 6, 1864.

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An historical sign tells about the Longyear Drilling Site located here. The text reads: Approximately 1,400 feet from this point, the first diamond drill hole in the state of Minnesota was sunk in 1890. E.J. Longyear began drilling June 3, 1890 and completed operations on the hole on December 9, 1890, reaching a depth of 1293 feet.

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Longyear began a new concept in iron exploration, forming the E.J. Longyear Company; for the next 21 years (1890-1911), he continued to explore and lease properties all …

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Connof'a ft» Pest-North West Company Snake River Post, owned by the Minnesota historical society and the state, is in Pine county and consists of approximately 43-94 acres located within ... Subd. 67. E. J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site on the Mesabi Range, is in St. Louis county, and is located in the northwest quarter ...

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LONGYEAR DRILL SITE. E. J. Longyear's historic first diamond drill site on the famed Mesabi Iron Range, established in 1890, is located about three miles north of Hoyt Lakes, Minnesota on County Road 110.

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Call collect, E. J. Longyear Company, Keewatin, Minnesota, Area Code 218, Telephone number 778-3941 or Minneapolis, Minnesota, Areo Code 612, telephone number 339-763 We are delighted you found something you'd like to view!

The E.J. Longyear Company turned over to Longco for development properties with oil prospects and for exploration and development certain properties with oil possibilities. The E.J. Longyear Company held half of the common stock. P. W. Donovan was general manager. Longyear Mesaba Land and Iron Company, Jackson, Michigan. Organized in 1887.

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Boart Longyear Company is a major provider of diamond drill bits and related drilling parts and services for the mining, construction, and environmental industries. The company's experts in contract drilling have helped many exploration companies find deposits of copper, gold, silver, and other metals.

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A Brief History of the National Mining Hall of Fame & Museum From a speech given ... the Mineral Impact Assistance Program of the State of Colorado, the State Historical Fund, the Colorado Historical Society, and in-kind help from Lake County and the City of Leadville. ... leading to the designation of this room as the E. J. Longyear Memorial ...

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By 1893, 10 mines were already in operation. E. J. Longyear, who had drilled the first holes on the range, put down more than 7,000 holes and pits in the next two decades and proceededto build the worldwide Longyear Company (Nute, 1951).

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Consumers Pure Ice and Storage Company Building. ... E. J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site. E. J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site; St. Louis County. History: 1976 c 316 s 14; 1993 c 181 s 4,13 ... Minnesota Historical Society Building; Ramsey County. History: 1974 c 249 s 6; ...

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The Bovey Townsite Company filed a plat in May 1904, and began advertising lots for sale. In the Grand Rapids Herald Review the ad read: Bovey! The New Town-this new town is splendidly located overlooking one of the prettiest lakes in Northern Minnesota.

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Longyear was nominated for his contributions to the U.S. iron ore mining and steel industries in the early part of the 20th century. He founded E.J. Longyear, which eventually became Boart Longyear. He drilled his first diamond drill core hole in 1890 in northern Minnesota. Longyear's company developed the wire-line retrieved Q core barrel.

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E.J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site on the Mesabi Range E.J. Lonevear First Diamond Drill Site on the Mesabl Range LOCATION CITY. TOWN _VICINITYOF Hoyt Lakes STATE Minnesota COUNTY St. Louis PHOTO REFERENCE PHOTO CREDIT Minnesota Historical Society DATE OF PHOTO ca!874

e j longyear company minnesota historical society

zenithia Historical Society. The Society's mission is to collect, preserve, and interpret the Commonwealth'spast for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

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The Townsite Company that developed Nashwauk was composed of Joseph Sellwood, G.G. Hartley, O.D. Kinney, E.B. Hawkins, G.H. Crosby and E. J. Longyear. It is believed that Nashwauk was named after a river in Brunswick, Canada. The word is said to be …

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e j longyear company minnesota historical societyIron Trail » Longyear Drill SiteIron Range Historical Society . Longyear Drill Site. E.J. Longyear's historic . and eventually established today's worldwide Longyear Exploration

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Off Co. Rd. 138, Embarrass, White and Pike Townships, Embarrass, Minnesota Also known as: Hauteur de Terre Portage, Portage of the Twelve Poses Hibbing City Hall (City hall) [ Map ]

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Historic mining equipment on display at the Minnesota Museum of Mining and a memorial to E. J. Longyear, developer of the diamond drill, were seen in Chisholm. A number of local museums and mine viewpoints could be visited in other Range towns.

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INSTITUTE ON LAKE SUPERIOR GEOLOGY April 1 2, 1955 UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA Center for Continuation Study ... by the E J Longyear Company. ... Nomenclature and historical highlights are reviewed. The subject of total thickness is developed.

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In 1977 the site was listed as the E.J. Longyear First Diamond Drill Site on the National Register of Historic Places for its state-level significance in the themes of engineering and industry. It was nominated for its association with the beginning of a mining industry pivotal to the history of Minnesota …


59 North, Range 14 West, St. Louis County, Minnesota. Edmund J, Longyear drilled to a depth of 1293 feet between June 1 and December 9, 1890. The"drilling exploration work was performed on behalf of the Longyear Mesabi Land and Iron Company formed in 1887 by John Munro Longyear of Marquette, Michigan, a cousin of Edmund J. Longyear.